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Hoses are used in the movement of materials like veins are to our blood, they have to work flawlessly for their life expectancy or major leaks can occur. That is why when we design a hose it is manufactured to last the test of time.
We can assure this because we have been producing quality custom hoses for over 40 years. Whether it be?our specifically designed rubbers, the high?tensile strength?reinforcing fabrics, the galvanized machine wound spring wire or the shear knowledge of producing quality specifically designed rubber hose for over 40 years, you can guarantee you will be receiving a hose that will exceed your expectations.

Material Handling Hose

Material Handling hoses are used throughout an array of industries for many varying applications, from mineral sands slurry to hard rock mining and high pressure tailings lines.

Hoses can be manufactured from 12mm to 1200mm up to 10 meters long

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Dredging Hoses

When operating dredging machinery we know that an incorrect hose can be detrimental to the operation and life of your machinery, not to mention the costly down time to rectify the problem.

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Expansion & Vibration Joints

Whether your use is for expansion, contraction, deflection or just the removal of vibration through the line we can manufacture expansion and vibration joints from 25mm NB to 2500mm NB for either suction or delivery duties.

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Abisco Material Handling System

By using this system you can quickly make your own “special length” of material handling hose, simply cut to length from our standard Abisco Material Handling Hose and CLAMP-ON  the reusable aluminum flanged Abisco Muff Coupling's and Abisco Metal spun rubber covered Gaskets.

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Floating Hoses

Predominantly used in the dredging industry, floatation hoses are used for the transfer of slurry's and other materials the same as Material handling Hose but the advantage to the Floating Hose is instead of using pontoons or floatation devices to keep the hose above the water line

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Stacker Hose

Long Length Heavy Duty Water Hose or “Stacker Hose” is used thought the iron ore and coal industries for the supply of water for dust suppression. The hoses are produced with a reconstructed moulded joint so there is a continual uninterrupted hose with no couplings or metal fitting 

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Pinch Valve Sleeves

Q&R Industrial Hoses are proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of rubber pinch valve sleeves produced in Australia.

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Specialty Hoses & Sleeves

Over the 30 plus years we have manufactured specialty items for nearly every industry and location you could think off. From Viton Lined Ship to Shore Hoses for Sulfuric Acid to water tight seals for some of the worlds leading ocean racing Maxi Yacht’s.

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Flange / End Constructions

There are many differnent contructions to be considered depending on your specific application:

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Hose Specifications

All hose variations are constructed to the same high quality and standards we have become renound for over the last 30 years. With all hoses being designed with a 4:1 Saftey factor built into them.


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Industrial Hose Australia

To compliment our manufacturing facility we also stock a full range of Rubber, PVC and Composite Hoses, which includes affiliated fittings, valves and clamps.


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