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Hose Specifications

All hose variations are constructed to the same high quality and standards we have become renound for over the last 30 years. With all hoses being designed with a 4:1 Saftey factor built into them.

Our production capabilities are constantly expanding with our current range being from 12mmNB to 1200mmNB by 10mtr long. We can also manufacture up to 2500mmNB x 2mtr long expansion and vibration joints.


A standard hose construction entails:

1> Wear or Tube Liner: Specifically designed natural or synthetic compounds to cover the large varity or requirements needed in todays processes.


2> Fabric Reinforcement: Polyester fabric ply's laid on at the designed angle to suit the application. All fabric angles are cut on our Biasing Table to replicate the exact angle required each and every ply, no fabric is spiralled on as we find this an unreliable method of manufacturing.


3> Wire Rienforcement: Galvanised machine wound high tensile spring wire helix is spiralled down the hose at the required diameter and pitch for the hoses specific application if required.


4> Outer Cover: UV stabilised Natural/SBR or Chemical resistant compounds depending on the application.


(For Fittings & End specifications please see Flange constructions in hose products)



Elastomer Compounds available:

                                                   - NR Natural                               - EPDM Ethylene Propylene

                                                   - SBR Styrene Butadiene            - CSM Hypalon

                                                   - CR Neoprene                            - IIR BromoButyl

                                                   - NBR Nitrile                                - FPM Viton (Fluorinated Rubber)

                                                   - The majority of compounds are also available in FRAS )

                                                   - Please view the below link for a general guide to 

                                                     rubber compounds.