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Rubber Lining provides a very versatile and durable coating which has proven to prevent the effects of corrosion, erosion and abrasion to save costly replacement of metal components.

There are a number of cheap easy to apply protective coatings available, but none can offer the endurance, chemical resistance and service life of Pressure Vulcanized Rubber Linings.

Rubber lining can be applied to a number of surfaces with a large range of compounds available which can resist most commercial solutions of chemical acids and alkalis to provide a high resistance to abrasion and temperatures. There are a number of considerations for bonding rubber such as surface preparations and the type of material to be lined. Together with this is the correct selection of rubber for the particular application bearing in mind the type of elastomer and size of component to determine the vulcanizing techniques for curing.

With Q&R Industrial Hoses having over 40 years of Rubber Lining experience you can be assured we can provide you with not only a wealth of knowledge to provide the correct compounds & lining applications, but also the experience of a combined knowledge of over 200 years of rubber liners carying out your work.

Tanks & Vessels

Rubber lining of tanks and vessels can be for many reasons wether it be for abrasion, corrosion or chemical we have the lining application to cover your requirements.

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Screen Decks, Trunions & Mill Lining's

These items have a very high impact and abrasion application which is why it is crutial in selecting both the correct rubber compound and application to best suit your equipments environment. 

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Cyclones, Chutes & Hoppers

With the main application for these systems being for high impact and abrasion we have over the years provided rubber lining for almost every size shape and design of Cyclone, Chutes & Hoppers.

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Impeller Blades & Shafts

The use of mixing impellers both integral units and separate Impeller blades and shafts are used in many applications. But one thing the majority of agitators have in common is the wear

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Pipe Lines, Bends & Reducers

Pipe lines, bends and reducers used mainly in the transfer of slurry materials can be a highly abrasive application. Rubber being the proven wear resistant that it is

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Fishtails / Spigot Lipseals

We have been manufacturing Fishtails since our begining and in that time we have refined our design and construction to produce a superior fishtail

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One of the largest of it’s type 3.8 meters Diameter x 9.45 meter in length, which is quite impressive in every dimension this giant can now pressure vulcanize most processing units requiring rubber lining with far better bonding result than previously achieved with chemical, open steam curing or cold bonding.

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Sandblasting & Painting

To compliment our facility we also offer abrasive blasting and painting facilities for all applications. With our sandblasting booth measuring 4x4x8mtr

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Miscellaneous Items

Due to the extensive applications and environments rubberlining can be used we have over the years vulcanized rubber to nearly everything you can think of and for as many reasons.

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Rubber Specifications

This table provided is a general guide to the properties of compounds containing natural and synthetic rubbers.
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