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Expansion & Vibration Joints

Whether your use is for expansion, contraction, deflection or just the removal of vibration through the line we can manufacture expansion and vibration joints from 25mm NB to 2500mm NB for either suction or delivery duties.

The Joints can be of straight hose construction or be built for large movements to include expansion/compression humps (one or multiple depending on the movement required).

They can also still entail the expansion humps while still having a smooth bore to stop the build up of contaminates and or the disruption of flow if required.


                   500NB, 600NB & 750NB Exp Joints for Export               700mmNB Expansion Joints


                    500mmNB to 400mmNB Concentric Reducer     2300mmNB Power Station Expansion Joint


                             600mmNB Expansion Joints                              300mmNB Expansion Joint


                       600mmNB Expansion Joints for Export          450mmNB to 300mmNB Concentric Reducer


                    200mmNB to 150mmNB Concentric Reducer                100mmNB Expansion joint