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Dredging Hoses

When operating dredging machinery we know that an incorrect hose can be detrimental to the operation and life of your machinery, not to mention the costly down time to rectify the problem.

That is why we design and manufacture all our hoses for there specific application, whether it be a Front Cutter Hose, Suction Hose or Delivery Hose leading off the back of the dredge each hose is constructed for its specific application.

To compliment the main hose lines on a dredge we also manufacture & retail all ancillary hoses required to keep your machinery up and running in ship shape.

Please also see our Floating Hose & Industrial Hose Australia description's in Hose Products.


                                      Front Cutter Dredge                                    300mmNB Floating Hose

Wet Plant Facility


                                Front Cutter Suction Hoses                                  Front Cutter Dredge